Get Low, The Other Guys, Step Up 3D and a VIFF sneak peak

In Get Low, Robert Duvall  is a recluse who wants to hold a funeral before he dies. Bill Murray, of all people, sets it up.  Will Ferrell is back on track in his latest comedy The Other Guys and the screen sparks with dancers, bubbles, lasers and more in Step Up 3D.

GET LOW: Robert Duvall gives one of the best performances of his career. It’s sure to be mentioned during awards season and … in keeping with the spirit of this film … in his obituary. He plays an old-timer in Depression-era Tennessee who decides to stage a living funeral for himself. For 40 years he’s been a near-recluse on his land outside of town, driving intruders away with a shotgun and stirring up plenty of gossip. Now he wants folks to let him hear all those stories and will raffle off his 300 acres of timber as an incentive. He also needs to unburden himself of one very old secret. “It’s time for me to get low,” he says. This is one story about making amends and re-connecting that is not heavy and tortured. It’s low-key and warm-hearted; revealing character details at a leisurely pace.

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