Lakefield releases album under Creative Commons license

The Vancouver-based indie pop band Lakefield, represents Canadian culture through their debut album, “Sounds from the Treeline.” Though this title may appear to represent cliché songs about Canadian maple syrup and lumberjacks, the album portrays a subtle outdoors-y theme. The songs match the album’s cover art in that they express a balance between urban and wilderness, commitment and escape.

Lakefield released “Sounds from the Treeline” under a Creative Commons License. This means that these songs can be downloaded for non-commercial usage. Anyone can use them for their independent projects. Lakefield’s philosophy is to encourage people to incorporate their music into different art forms, such as videos or remixes, so that their music can be shared through different mediums.  

To support other artists and fans, Lakefield has also become involved with the Safe Amplification Site Society, a non-profit organization dedicated to opening an all-ages venue for live performances. Currently, most Vancouver music venues are 19-plus. However, many musicians believe that it is important for their shows to be available to younger audiences since they are more likely to be immersed in, and inspired by, the Vancouver music scene. Vancouver musicians are participating in fundraising concerts to support the cause. Lakefield may be one of them in the coming year.

Although they are a fairly new band, Lakefield seems surprisingly close-knit. In a conversation with VO, drummer Paul Teehan said that they have already musically evolved from the more relaxed feel of “Sounds from the Treeline” to more “punchy” lyrics in their new songs.

Though they do have new repertoire, Lakefield wants their first album to have a chance to resonate with listeners before they release a second one, Teehan said.

 If you are curious about their new compilations or simply want to listen to your favourite “Sounds from the Treeline,” check out their performance at the Forum on Thursday December 9th.

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