The Coppertank stage was transformed into the porch steps of summer last Friday night by the soulful harmonizing of Two Lions and a Lady, a charming new indie-folk-pop trio.

Beautiful harmonizing. It’s just something that never gets old.

But there are more reasons why this band has got it going on. They play twelve instruments between the three of them, including guitars, an accordion, banjo, didgeridoo, mandolin, djembe and harmonica.

Onstage they took turns evoking nostalgia for the classic 60s folk group group Peter, Paul and Mark, and tickling the crowd’s sway-button with their modern rhythms.

Their set combined a mix of originals and covers that offered a genuine dose of acoustic bliss with a twist - from their rumba-infused cover of Neil Young’s “Keep On Rockin’ in the Free World,” to their clap-inspiring original “Twilight.”

From left: Neuman Mannas, Lydia Hol and Wes MacInnes playing “Kids” by MGMT

Two Lions and a Lady have a talent for adapting covers to their own unique style. If you haven’t seen it already, you must check out their cover of MGMT’s “Kids." It makes a pretty strong case for the comeback of the accordion, and it gives you one more reason to like a song you thought you couldn’t dig any more than you already do.

You can catch Two Lions and a Lady at the Coppertank on Broadway October 16th. Listening to their breezy summer sound might be a perfect way to postpone any hint of the winter blues. Stay tuned for information on their upcoming album.