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Canada among nations that "wouldn't trade places with the US"

"There's not a country on Earth that wouldn't want to trade places with us," US President Barack Obama said in his weekly weekly radio address on Saturday. 

Actually, there probably are -- about 10 countries, according to investment news website 24/7 Wall St.. Canada is one of them. In addition to its AAA economy, Canada is the most mineral and oil-rich country in North America, and recent gang violence notwithstanding, still has a "remarkably low crime rate".

The President's speech was mostly about his America's position as a world leading nation which boasts the "best universities, most creative entrepreneurs, and most dynamic businesses".

Still, when it comes to economy and living standards, critics would say that countries like Canada are not rushing to trade places with its neighbour any time soon. Here are the nine other nations picked by the website: 

Australia, which has an AAA rating for its sovereign debt and among the richest deposits of minerals in the world.

Switzerland, which also has a AAA rating and has not been involved in a war in centuries. It is also the best place to ski, with the exception, perhaps, of the Rockies.

Norway, another AAA-rated economy, has significant oil deposits. The government also provides significant government services to every man, women and child. Norway is also one of the most crime-free nations in the world despite the recent tragedy.

Sweden and Finland, which have many of the same advantages as Norway.

Germany, the financially healthiest country in the Europe, with its massive export machine and strong national balance sheet.

Singapore, the richest nation in the world based on GDP per capita.

China, with a economy that has grown recently at a rate of 9%, compared to America’s 2%.

New Zealand, a country that is so remote it is hardly part of the global economy at all.

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