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No prodding necessary to get me to the Cattle Cafe

Hot, savoury noodle combinations await you at the Cattle Cafe.

The story starts with a sore throat.  You know the kind: like swallowing razor blades unless it’s some hot soothing liquid that calls mum’s chicken noodle soup to mind.  It wasn’t that I suffering through the tortuous ordeal, but a good friend of mine.  Having just undergone a week of being ill while traveling, however, I could commiserate.  In order to soothe her achy throat, we decided to try out a suggestion from another friend of hers which involved warm savoury soups.  

Her instructions directed us to a brightly lit small café with a line up coming out the front door.  Cattle Café indeed!  Nevertheless, turnover was speedy and after a very short wait, we were seated in a cozy corner perusing their meal line up.  The menu at Cattle Café is large, random, and a little surprising.  Case in point: the menu lists “Ice cream on cattle french toast” just under ‘Two kinds of meat balls with vermicelli in soup.”  And if you are squeamish about internal organs or exotic meat, you might want to have a friend screen it for you. 

We both opted for the “self-pick” noodle options.  While my friend of the sore throat went for the fish stock base with beef and mushroom, I settled on the fish stock, tomato and pumpkin soup with basa fillet and enoki mushroom.  You are also given a choice as to the kind of noodle you would like in the soup; both of us decided on the rice noodle.  When our order arrived at our table, we found that the broth was light yet flavourful and the bowl was chockfull of vegetables and other unexpected goodies. 

Although it was great to find another great place to have healthy and tasty noodle soup, the real story here was the ridiculously low price of such a great meal.  For about 7 dollars and 25 cents, we sat in front of steaming bowls of soup and sipped our beverages of choice: milk tea, coffee or a combination of both, taken either hot or cold.  Honestly, you can’t do much better than that at either fast food chains or food courts.  A huge array of tantalizing teas, slushes and smoothies can also be found on the menu for an additional cost. 

Another nice thing about this noodle combination is that you are given the option of adding on a side dish for just two dollars more.  These included deep fried pork chops, Teriyaki chicken and deep-fried wings.  The wings were delicious with their salty crispness with the faintest tinge of ginger.  The fried nibblies were the perfect complement to the light soup we enjoyed.  

I’m sure this meal is what helped my friend on to such a speedy recovery in the days that followed because a few days later we were making plans for Dine Out Vancouver… but that’s a different story.  

Cattle Cafe's Specs:

Where? 1020-8580 Alexandra Rd., Richmond

When? Monday to Thursday and Sunday 7 am - 12 pm, Friday and Saturday until 2 

What?   The noodle combination, of course.  We noticed a lot of people enjoying rice bowls including some very tantalizing  combinations such as: fish fillet in creamy almond sauce on rice; seafood in creamy corn bacon demi-glaze on rice, and boneless chicken and mushrooms in black pepper sauce on rice.  Can you guess which one I’m having next time?  Yup, all of the above.



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