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Some of What I Love about Sculpting

A work in progress, midday, December 5, 2009; a commission.  Photos by Lee Gass.

The sun told me to stop grinding and take the first picture, and as soon as I could clean the dust from my hands I did. Words came later, as I imagined what the images say about me, and about how I live and work.  They speak of my love; particularly my love of carving rocks.  Anyone want me to carve them some love?

Some of what I love about sculpting

Is that in every minute

Of every hour of every day

Of shaping stone,

There is so much to see and touch and feel,




So much to experience.




Colours, shapes, movements,

Changing forms, perspectives.



Dreams, fantasies:



When I am a hawk,

gliding past a form,

Exploring it in its dimensionality,

Space and time recede, and

I am in all mountains in all seasons forever,

Imagining all of it into being.



Dust avalanches thunder down slopes.

Tremors, architectonic tempers,

The grinding of glaciers and rivers

And wind-borne grit;



The genesis of topography.


Lee Gass

December 5, 2009

Currently represented by

Petley Jones Gallery

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