Kickoff to Junos: Kei and Amalia's video takes you to Ruckus on the Edge

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Today, I am reminded that things never really work out the way you thought they would. I arrived here in St. John’s Monday afternoon--a nice sunny day. The next day, rain. The following day, more rain. Today, snow.  I’m just glad I have my winter boots.

Flights to St. John's were cancelled this morning. I wonder which artists are stuck at the Toronto or Halifax airports?

The view from our apartment deck early this morning.

Right before I left Vancouver, my good friend Ryan Catherwood told me that Mercury will be in retrograde this week. According to astrology, when Mercury is in retrograde everything communications-related goes awry. There are a lot of misunderstandings, technology craps out... well, you get the idea. 

My camera and video editing gear have been acting up. For the past few days, I’ve been encountering technical difficulties, which have prevented me from posting videos online. Whether or not this major technological hiccup is caused by Mercury or the weather, it’s been stressful.

After a couple of sleepless nights, I finally succeeded in uploading our first video [see video post above], where we recap our April 13th and 14th adventures in the city.

As part of the JUNOS week, Ruckus on the Edge kicked off the festivities with musical acts from across the province. 

Last Tuesday, April 13th, I attended Ruckus in the Round: Songs from the Edge. I’ve never really heard a lot of music from Newfoundland and Labrador before so as part of my mission to soak up as much of the Maritimes as I can, I went. There, I heard some pretty amazing folk music and met wonderful new people like Mark Bennett (Scope), Duncan de Young (freelance photographer), Kevin Kelly (The Newfoundland Herald), and Maggie O’Keefe (Ruckus on the Edge communications coordinator).

Amalia arrived from Vancouver that evening after a very long journey. The following day, April 14th, we were up for breakfast at 6:00AM—that’s 1:30AM, Vancouver time. Was it worth it? Yes. Leaside Manor’s fishcake breakfast is just what we both needed. Right after breakfast, owner Elaine Hann took us for a mini tour of the property [read about the tour in Amalia’s article].

That evening we checked out Our Music – Our Heritage, which featured traditional folk songs and world music that celebrated the roots of Newfoundland and Labrador communities. We were a bit late but we were able to catch Celtic-inspired bands The Once, and The Navigators. Celtic rock was certainly not what we expected. It was so creative, and melodies sounded like a crossover between a sea shanty and a gypsy-punk show.

Despite the snow, the technical difficulties, and the general lack of sleep, I'm still having a blast. Tonight, we will drink a shot of screech and kiss a cod.

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