Ween show full of drama at Queen Elizabeth Theatre

Picture of Ween shot in Edmonton, Alberta licensed under Creative Commons.

Ween, the band that has something for everyone in their music catalogue, put on a show full of ups and unfortunately downs, Monday, January 24th.

Beginning with an overwhelming eruption of applause, the audience's expectations were set high.

The band fired through 'Take Me Away' with gusto and noted their appreciation of the kind reception.

Gene took a short break to have a cigarette on stage prior to 'Mister Richard Smoker'. Fine segue to a casino-jazz/ragtime/country great.

'Transdermal Celebration' was epically executed as a beach ball floated around the theatre. Special effects sent the output of the smoke machines out into a jet stream during the guitar solo.

The previous awesomeness was only overshadowed by album versions of 'Mister, Would You Please Help My Pony' and 'Gabrielle.' 

'Tender Situation' was delivered in an emotionally compelling manner followed by 'Bananas And Blow'.

Soon after, Gene started acting a bit strange. He sat cross-legged on the stage as he sang. This initially made for creative use of the stage.

A brilliant cover of David Bowie's 'Let's Dance' brought the majority of the crowd to its feet, as rainbow-coloured LEDs pointed in every direction.

After Ween's fantastic rendition of that classic song, things started to fall apart. The band went into a sort of jazz odyssey that should be respected for its experimental nature, but Gene shouting indiscernible phrases into a megaphone didn't exactly do it for the crowd.

From a seated position as described earlier, Gene proceeded to lay on the ground and grasp the air with his hands as he spoke into the upward-pointed megaphone.

"Sorry if your panties are in a bunch," Gene exclaimed, perhaps to the band.

'Freedom Of '76' was pretty rough. At this point, the rest of the band, including Dean Ween, exited the stage for what seemed to be a natural gesture. However, they didn't return, and Gene was left to play several songs, alone.

The show was by no means a disaster, but perhaps a "forumer" put it best, by posting "This is gonna add some serious drama to Ween-Behind the Music."


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