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Cover art by Jason Wallin.

Inspired by a funeral home that has since been torn down, the band F&M describe themselves as an "adult listening" married couple from Edmonton. Depending on which way you look at it, that could sound dirty or lame. However, it is neither.

Becky and Ryan Anderson are genuine folks with heartfelt compositions.The Andersons search for what people like about adult contemporary music and do their best to deliver it.

Their new album, Sincerely, F&M is a sort of love letter. The writers are   mature and romantic. Tired of ironic bands, the duo wear their hearts on their sleeves.

Becky says Ryan is stubborn and Ryan says Becky is stubborn, so when a record label enters the picture and says "your style is too varied; this doesn't sound commercial enough", it calls for a big "SHUT UP" in response. They just want to make intelligent music for intelligent audiences. A small, but appreciative audience.

F&M's video for the song, 'Shy', directed by Jesse van der Schaaf, was released earlier this year. It begins with light animated lamps that are connected to a switchboard. Upon first sight, this may look like stop motion, but a person is actually playing the lamps. The stark, low-budget concept really catches the eye. (You can watch this video at the top of this blog.)

F&M has a lot fans in Germany, where they have performed mini-shows and meetings. Ryan and Becky plan to tour Germany "properly" in 2011.

Drink pairings are in the album jacket provided for each song by award winning Sommelier (and sometimes F&M player) Brian Epp. F&M and their friends really do like wine, so much they have collaborated with a 10-seat wine bar in Vancouver to film a very cinematic mini-concert to be released within a few months.

The cover of Sincerely, F&M  is the result of artistic collaboration with a professor (not of visual or fine arts) at the University of Alberta, Jason Wallin. Envision a foxy pied piper minstrel deconstructing images of severance and life,  yearning for home and suffering.

F&M recently visited Vancouver on October 29th and are currently continuing their journey from BC to Ontario (with everywhere in-between).


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