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The breakdown of boundaries

As technology disolves time/space boundaries, both our cyber-space privacy and physical immune system functions are more vulnerable to perpetrators of insidious destruction.

Yesterday I spent 2 hours on a Skype consultation, sitting in my home office in Vancouver looking at and speaking with a woman at home in Romania.  We ended at 1 a.m. here, 11 p.m. there – I went to lunch, she went to bed.  She will order a homeopathic remedy which I feel hopeful will heal the burning, itching, oozing eczema she has suffered with for the past 4 years, decrease her susceptibility to chronic upper respiratory infections and ease the nightmares which plague her sleep.  We will continue to communicate via email and Skype and although we may never physically meet, our time together is meaningful and almost as personal as being in the same room.


Technology that bridges the boundaries of space and time is an amazing revolution of reality as we now know it.  But with all gains come a new set of dangers.  Those who have read the “Girl with the Dragon Tattoo” trilogy were undoubtedly fascinated and horrified at how easily a whole sub-culture dedicated to penetrating the boundaries around cyberspace communication are able to gain entry.  Once there, they invisibly usurp control and manipulate the privacy of our most personal information as well as spread the invasion to other systems without our even knowing it.  No matter how fast our anti-virus software evolves to protect the integrity of our systems, the motivated hacker can always find a way in.


In our bodies, we have an exquisitely sensitive and responsive immune system to serve as our boundary of defense from outside invasion.  While we don’t see it, nevertheless every second there is continual protecting and balancing going on to keep our system’s integrity intact.  A virus, whether attacking your computer or your body, has the same desire – to break through defensive barriers and penetrate, unseen, into your system with the intention of spreading destruction.  Without a healthy immune system, we are fair game for a gamut of opportunistic perpetrators forever circling around.


While computers are vulnerable to being penetrated by malicious spyware masquerading as being part of the system, so are our physical immune systems showing a similar and disturbing susceptibility to being penetrated and manipulated.  Our modern day ills include ever-increasing auto-immune disorders, cancers, a sky-rocketing rate of autism in our children, and of course the disease which most encapsulates the breakdown of barriers, the AIDS virus.  Just as the breakdown of boundaries through technology leave us vulnerable to the invisible penetration of hackers, we should consider that the chemical and environmental manipulation of our environment and bodies has confused and weakened our immune systems so that many are no longer able to differentiate between what is “enemy,” and what is “us.” 


Even our revered system of vaccination can be viewed as a means whereby the normal channels of disease exposure (body orifices like nose and mouth) are deliberately bypassed as a chemical cocktail of altered viruses and toxic substances (like formaldehyde and thimerosol) is injected directly into the blood stream, confusing our immune system into a response which often pathologically inflames the nervous system.  And the trouble with introducing these altered and toxic substances into the blood stream is that many silently and invisibly set up shop within our cells to exert unknown influences indefinitely into the future.


Our immune system, like our anti-virus software, is designed to keep insidious invaders out and maintain the integrity of our biological systems.  Rather than working to bypass or confuse its highly specialized responses, the alternative would be to respect and strengthen its overall functioning.  Our bodies are amazingly complex and even medical science will never understand all the interconnections.  Manipulating the immune system has unknown long-term consequences however the state of public health suggests rather than defeating acute diseases, we have simply morphed into expressing more chronic and insidious pathological processes.


The dissolution of boundaries is a two-edged sword: when it comes to computer technology, use good anti-virus software and be careful how much personal data you commit to cyberspace.  When it comes to your health, discriminate between substances /influences that will promote your health and those that are insidious; take steps to improve, not compromise your immune system function.  The more robust your defense system, the more invincible your boundaries. 

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