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Why would anyone consult a homeopath?  After all, we have a medical system with a veritable buffet of drugs promising everything from killing bacteria to lowering cholesterol to raising libido to guaranteeing a good night’s sleep and technology that can view or test any number of physiological processes to see where we are “normal” or not.  For certain things that ail us, this system works very well - if I break my leg, I’m grateful to the medical professionals who set it and temporarily relieve severe pain.  If I need surgery or am suddenly in a life-threatening acute situation, a medical doctor is my first destination.


But what about chronic diseases that cannot be cured through conventional medicine?  Or acute conditions that keep coming back despite rounds of antibiotics or other medications?  What about continual sadness or lethargy or the many mental/emotional issues categorized as “depression?”  Conventional medicine depends on disease labels with little connection to the person experiencing the suffering.  While drugs or therapies addressing such labels may cause temporary improvement or palliation, often over time conditions worsen.  Lacking a framework to address the roots of disease below physiological manifestation makes true cure difficult.


So how is homeopathy different in its approach and treatment of healing and disease?  Homeopathy views all of existence as being energy first and matter second; in other words, every physical manifestation is dependent on the energy system underlying it.  There is no controversy here – physics and biology are both based on the understanding that energy is the underlying force of every particle, object and system of objects in existence, including all biological systems, from the largest biosphere to the smallest organism. 


Therefore each of is an individual physical manifestation of the unique energetic system enlivening us.  A law of physics declares that energy can never be destroyed but only transformed - and without an energy system, our bodies quickly transform into dust!  A healthy person’s energetic state is dynamically strong enough to absorb/transform whatever encounters life brings and not become compromised by them.  Conversely, any physical/mental/emotional disturbance is rooted in some kind of imbalance on that energetic level – energy first, matter second. 


While “positive” energy such as that available in nutritious food or a loving hug supports our energy system, more challenging energy such as a virus or the kinetic energy of a car accident or emotional abuse will require significant output from our systems in order to rebalance back into a state of harmony.  Before such rebalance, the discord of energy will be experienced as symptoms – such as a fever or inflammation or anxiety.  Our remaining energy will be focused first on maintaining our basic existence (organ functions), and secondarily will attempt to integrate the challenges and rebalance into a new state of harmony.  If the life force energy isn’t sufficient to fully effect the integration, then a state of compromise will result, which means chronic physical, emotional or mental symptoms. 


The methodology of homeopathic treatment grew out of this understanding of energy before matter.  Rather than treating symptoms only on the physical plane (i.e. pharmaceutical drugs or procedures that manipulate our chemical or physiological processes), homeopathic remedies are energy substances individually chosen to stimulate our unique energy systems.  If the dis-ease force originates on the energetic level, then by empowering our own energy system, we can finally integrate the challenges and remove the physical, emotional or mental symptoms from our experience.  Thus instead of stunting us, the slings and arrows of life’s experiences can transform and help us grow, allowing us to express and develop our fullest potential in the world. 


So if your body requires purely physical intervention, get yourself to the hospital or a doctor’s office (and consider appropriate homeopathic remedies to support your recovery).  There is no need to limit ourselves to only one form of medicine, we can choose that which is most appropriate in the given moment.  By relating to us as energy first and matter second, however, homeopathy offers a depth and breadth of healing far beyond the physical.  This is medicine which supports our fullest expression of life.

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