Homeopathic healing from the disfigurement of acne conglobata

When Anna Sienicka was growing up in Poland, she developed acne on her face which persisted through her teen years and as she entered her twenties, spread to her back.  The lesions became painful, interconnected, and began to leave scars.  She was medically diagnosed with Acne Conglobata, the most severe form of acne vulgaris.  Anna’s face and back were covered with blackheads and painful, huge boil-like pimples which wouldn’t heal for a long time, causing her both physical pain and great emotional hardship due to such disfiguration.

Early in the process of trying to heal the acne, she changed her diet and began a round of dermatologist-prescribed treatments, none of which helped.  When she moved to Canada in her early twenties, the condition worsened and she tried various alternative therapies, herbs, oils and creams.  Although some may have temporarily created an improvement, the condition continued to relapse.  Eventually her doctor gave her a number of different topical prescription creams to try but with each one, the only effects were to dry out her skin and then the condition became even worse. 


When she was 26 and had been struggling with this condition for 13 years, someone suggested she see a homeopath.  Desperate to try anything (often people come to homeopathy as the measure of last resort!), she booked an appointment.  The response was astounding.  In her words, “Miraculously after only one appointment, I saw a huge improvement, as if it was all melting away.  Pimples were becoming smaller and less painful to touch.  My mood and outlook on this life was dramatically changing.  I started feeling happier, free and empowered.  I felt ecstatic.  After a second appointment my acne was completely gone.  Scars started to disappear and one would never guess I had ever had this severe type of acne before. “


In the years since, the acne has never returned.  Inspired by the amazing transformation not only of her illness but also of her whole state of being, Anna began training to become a homeopath and now is in private practice in Toronto.  Homeopathy has continued to be her main source of treatment for herself, family and pets.  As she says, “I felt so appreciative for my cure that I decided to study this unique type of Medicine so I could help others as I was helped.   I felt that I needed to share this with the rest of the world.   I sometimes wonder if it is possible that serving and helping others is our higher purpose.” 


In this statement she echoes the words of homeopathy’s founder, Dr. Samuel Hahnemann as he wrote in 1810: “The physician's highest and only calling is to make the sick healthy, to cure, as it is called.”*  In homeopathic medicine, true cure means not only the physical cure of illness, but also the undoing of psychological or mental blocks so that our individual gifts and resources are free to be expressed in the wider world.  Anna's experience beautifully illustrates this promise of homeopathic healing, as her cure went beyond the physical to free mind and spirit as well.


*Organon of the Medical Art , 6th Edition by Dr. SamuelHahnemann, Translation by Wanda O’Reilly Brewster

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