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Homeopathic help for allergy season

If it's springtime, it must be allergy season.  While most of us are thrilled to see the budding leaves and blooming flowers, for others it ushers in weeks of irritating and sometimes debilitating allergy symptoms.  Rather than retreating to a vaccuum-sealed chamber until the pollen stops blowing, homeopathy may well ease your symptoms and enable you to enjoy normal life despite whatever is blowing in the wind.

Although allergies tend to fall under more of a constitutional umbrella for treatment (some people have an inherent susceptibility while other people don’t notice a thing), there are still some homeopathic remedies which can often prove helpful in easing the acute symptoms of allergies.  For those whose constitution matches one of these remedies on a deeper level, there may even be a broader based improvement beyond just alleviating allergy symptoms; in this case, the whole susceptibility to allergic substances will be lessened and over time, may become a thing of the past.  For others, these remedies may bring temporary relief of allergy symptoms but because they are not the true constitutional remedy, such relief may not continue long-term.  Often a remedy which may relieve for a period of time will lose its effectiveness as it hasn’t stimulated a cure at a deeper level.  But regardless of whether you luck out with a deeply-acting remedy that matches your constitution or simply find your symptoms temporarily palliated without the risk of side effects pharmaceutical products carry, homeopathy can be a big help for anyone who suffers through springtime with congestion, itchy eyes, runny nose and the general exhaustion and malaise allergy suffering brings.

 For most people, going to the health food store and purchasing a combination homeopathic remedy specific for allergies is the easiest way to hopefully find some help.  While combination remedies go against one of the classic rules of homeopathy (which is one remedy at a time), by combining several remedies which all have allergic symptoms as a strong part of their picture, the idea is that hopefully one of them will resonate with you and therefore provide relief.  As you have read in this column again and again, homeopathy is individual medicine – what works for one person with a particular condition won’t necessarily work for another person with the same condition.  However a number of remedies that have a strong picture of specific symptoms (such as runny nose, sneezing, itching eyes, etc.) may frequently be used successfully in certain conditions (such as allergies).  Just as there are a small number of remedies which are frequently called for to heal influenzas or injuries, so there are a small number of remedies which are frequently called for in allergy symptoms and they will be grouped together in homeopathic combination remedies specific for allergies. 

 Here are a couple of remedies which will be included in most homeopathic combination remedies for allergies:

 Allium cepa – imagine cutting up an onion.  Think of the stinging, itching watery eyes and nose, and tickling leading to lots of sneezing.  This remedy is made from an onion and it is often curative for the very symptoms cutting into a fresh onion will create.  Often the discharge from the nose will be acrid and irritate the skin.  Symptoms generally improve out in the open air and worsen inside warm, stuffy rooms.

 Sabadilla – this plant remedy has symptoms of violent sneezing, copious watery discharge, itching of the nose and the palate and a lot of stuffiness in the nose.  Eyes may burn and turn red and there can be a headache along with the stuffed nose.  This person may feel chilly and wants warmth – drinks, food, extra sweaters – to feel better. 

 So for those miserable with allergy symptoms, heading to the health food store and picking up one or two combination remedies to try is a low cost and no risk route that may well bring you quick relief.  If you have tried a few different combinations and still suffer strong allergy symptoms then you may consider constitutional treatment with a professional homeopath as your system obviously needs a different remedy than those present in the combinations.  Although this route is more costly and time-consuming, the right constitutional remedy will lessen the overall susceptibility to those substances that bother you and make springtime something to look forward to, rather than an ordeal to be suffered through.

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