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Homeopathy: A Scholarly Computer Geek Investigates for Himself

Meet James Pannozzi, 62, of Sarasota, Florida.  During his 32 year career as a software developer in open source projects, data communications and annuities, one family member after another began to succumb to a strange, undiagnosed and eventually fatal illness.  This mysterious malaise, which began to affect him as well, led to an investigation of all manner of conventional and alternative medicine.  Driven to find a solution to the chronic and debilitating symptoms, he studied medical books and other health references in his quest for answers.  Using Google Book Search to investigate older homeopathy books, he fully expected to agree on it being the irrational, unscientific hogwash the continual stream of medical journal and newspaper articles claimed it was.  In fact it was the very proliferation of articles against it that brought it to his attention in the first place.  He says “I originally was skeptical, but what alerted me that there might be more to homeopathy was the strident and quite unreasonable level of innuendo and misrepresentation against it.  Why would something nonsensical require literally hundreds of magazine, newspaper and journal articles to condemn it?”


To his surprise, the more he investigated homeopathy and the huge body of literature, clinical experience and research of the past 200 years, the more he became convinced of its validity.  Through reading and research, “I started to learn to my COMPLETE ASTONISHMENT that homeopathy and other alternative modalities were not the absurd unscientific quackery that they had been made out to be.  Many of those wonderful homeopathic doctors were no quacks or charlatans but instead among the finest and most dedicated doctors of their day.  One can sense their initial disbelief that an infinitesimal dose could possibly work but with continued experimentation and experience, prove definitively to themselves (and me!) that it did work, by the detailed case studies, descriptions and clinical reports.  Later on I discovered the experiments of M. Ennis and the web site of Dr. Rustum Roy ( and learned that the scientific basis for homeopathy may not be so very far off from being discovered and that this discovery could very well be one of the greatest breakthroughs of the 21st century.”


Inspired by his research and personal experience, when he retired from computer programming Pannozzi began preparing for a new career as an alternative health practitioner.  He has just completed his degree in acupuncture, Chinese herbology and oriental medicine and plans to embark on a formal study of homeopathy. Somewhere in his spare time he also translates homeopathic texts into Italian (he is fluent in Russian and can read Italian and German) and is studying classical Chinese.  Never one to shy away from controversy, he has become a vocal defender of homeopathy and sees it, as well as other forms of alternative medicine, as vitally important to include in our institutional medical care: “The basic principals by which homeopathy heals people remains unchanged and is so badly needed in today’s health care systems, many of which lie in utter and obvious ruin.” 


Regarding the continued attacks against homeopathy, he says “I have seen more and more increasingly irrational attacks against alternative medicine, with most of them claiming some sort of sanctimonious ‘scientific’ evidence to support their absurd attacks.”  He leaves comments on various blogs populated by anti-homeopathy spammers, saying “I’m all for science, but oppose attempts at misrepresentation, ridicule and innuendo against alternative medicine.  I remind the armchair skeptics that despite all their talk of science and ‘evidence,’(and attempts to make it appear more than it is), all they really have right now until the researchers are done is opinion – and their opinion is no better or worse than anyone else’s.”


Oh - and regarding the mysterious family illness that was slowly killing everyone off?  Turns out it was Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis, an autoimmune disorder causing an imbalance of hormones. Treated with a simple hormone replacement pill, Pannozzi is now free to move ahead and pursue his dream: following in the footsteps of the brilliant, dedicated homeopathic and alternative practitioners whose work continues to provide inspiration and healing on into the future.


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