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Finding the Way to Homeopathy: An Introduction

Most people are amazed to hear that during the late 1800’s, there were more homeopathic medical schools and hospitals in the US than there were conventional/allopathic ones. At this point in North America, homeopathy is barely a household word and many people confuse it with other alternative health systems such as Naturopathy. In fact, it is a complete medical system created in the late 1700’s by Dr. Samuel Hahnemann, a brilliant German physician, linguist and chemist. In despair over the harsh and debilitating medical treatments of the day which invariably left patients sicker, weaker, and often dying a premature and painful death, he had previously given up the practice of medicine and turned to translating chemistry texts in order to support his family. His translating, independent research and experimentation to find a safe, gentle and true system of healing and cure led to his founding of a brand new system of medical treatment which he named homeopathy, or “Similar Suffering.”

For those who have been following this blog, there have been a number of comments expressing skepticism of homeopathy and its efficacy. The action of homeopathic remedies is based on energetic rather than material properties, and at this time in our society, the understanding of energetic principles is something very few of us (perhaps only those involved in quantum physics) can easily grasp. Therefore for those people grounded in mainstream scientific thinking, it is difficult to accept that something that is made up of “nothing” can actually work. This same skepticism and distrust is part of the reason that when the American Medical Association was formed in 1847, it worked to drive homeopathy and its practitioners to the fringes of accepted medical care by forbidding any member to practice it or prescribe homeopathic remedies. 

So why, despite the blatant attacks and ridicule, has homeopathy continued to exist, and is now experiencing a resurgence in professional education, practice and usage? How do people find their way to it, and become “converts” even with a continual stream of negative propaganda pumped out against it? For many people, it’s a system of last resort after struggling with health issues that conventional medicine can’t resolve. Many with “incurable” chronic issues or diseases looking at a life-time of pharmaceutical drugs or risky medical procedures will stumble upon homeopathy as they look for alternatives. When someone with a so-called incurable condition finds a lasting improvement and even cure through homeopathic treatment, the need to intellectually accept its principles can seem less important. For others, using a remedy in the case of an acute illness or accident and experiencing the condition resolving quickly, completely and in much shorter time than normal wins their trust. And for those who attribute it to a placebo effect, when a pre-verbal baby or animal is quickly and comfortably returned to a state of health, even a skeptical person has to scratch their head and accept that something more is at work. 

In future blogs, you will meet various people from all different walks of life who have discovered the blessings and efficacy of homeopathic treatment for themselves and their families. Not just for quacks and the gullible, plenty of well-educated, professional people have made homeopathy a fundamental part of their health-care and aren’t looking back. Meeting them and hearing their stories is an inspiring guide to all who seek greater empowerment in living their lives as fully and freely as possible. 

Next article: Meet James Pannozzi age 62, classical Chinese linguist and chess expert who after a 32 year career as a software developer in military, commercial and open source projects is now finishing up a degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine and preparing to begin formal training in homeopathy.

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