Many of us are finding our wallets a little thinner this holiday season. To avoid debt and get the most out of the holiday season, here are my tips for stress-free budgeting.
1.  Housing - Move back home or find a roommate. 
2.  Employment - Create your own job by developing a program for a non-profit and applying to foundations, corporations and government departments for funding.
3. Communications - Cancel your landline, switch to a cheaper cell phone plan and subscribe to an internet fax service where your faxes are emailed to you.
4.  Clothing - Purchase brand name clothing at Winners and outlet stores.
5.  Grocery - Shop at discount grocery stores such as No Frills or Buy Low Foods. 
6.  Entertainment - Apply for a SCENE Visa and Debit Card or get a Netflix account and watch all the movies you want for $8.00 per month.
7.  Internet -  Check your email and surf the web for free at the library or buy a used computer from a store that offers follow-up service and repair. 
8.  Fitness - Start walking outdoors instead of paying to exercise at a gym.  Stick to push-ups, pull-ups, sit ups and some dumbell curls at home if you must have more muscle development. Check with a medical doctor first.
9.  Restaurants -  Stick to affordable, healthy fast food such as Subway or a soup and sandwhich from Tim Horton's. 

10.  Xmas Cards and Gifts - Stick to E-Cards and avoid the postage and cost of traditional cards. Send out lotto scratch tickets and gift cards to your family and friends' favourite stores to reduce the likelihood of a poor gift choice.