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Vancouver Sun shames woman for breastfeeding in public

Breastfeeding is protected as a human right in B.C., but that doesn't stop some from criticizing women who do it.

Eleven effective habits for a greener 2011

Everyone's doing it: green is the new bottom line. Can being green become just another effective habit for you this year?

The Green Mama's Guide to Greening Christmas (and any other Winter Holiday)

The Green Mama shows you how to celebrate more, spend less, and all around green your holiday.

How to REALLY green your child's classroom in five easy steps

There is a lot of talk about going green, but many schools haven't caught up. Kids our most vulnerable and they spend 1/3 of their days in schools, many that are making them sick. What can you REALLY

B.C. judge orders Alice Jongerden not to milk cows

Supporters and shareholders filled the courtroom in New Westminster, B.C. today to witness whether dairy farmer Alice Jongerden would be found in contempt of court for continuing to milk the cows...

What is white, frothy, and illegal to sell in B.C.?

Canada is the only G8 country where raw milk is outlawed. And after a decision in early 2010 legalizing raw milk cooperatives in Ontario, British Columbia is coming out as one of the most stridently a

Killer sunscreen? What your mama never told you about sun protection.

Everything you think you know about sun protection is dead wrong.

Earth Hour: success, failure, or just an attitude?

Earth Hour 2010 was a success in terms of awareness, but savings were down in Vancouver. Is success really an attitude when it comes to preparing for climate change?

How to Out-Conserve Your Neighbors for Earth Hour (Or Any Time)

In our family this year, we celebrated Earth Hour by monitoring our energy use.  Hooray!??  One look at our actual energy use and we are all walking around inside in jackets.  This...

What Earth Hour is Really About

In our family this year, we are celebrating Earth Hour by monitoring our energy use.
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