I'm a Good Story


That’s not all folks: The Story of I’m a Good Story

I'm on to other things. Be sure to keep yourself posted.

A few moments

Let me recount a few moments that were too hard to ignore.

A list of happy

A list of things that make me happy. At least for this week.

Writing for the birds

I tried to write a book in a week. Realized it takes more than that. So I watched birds instead.

What I do when I feel like a failure

This useless typewriter pretty much sums up how I've been feeling lately.

Hot Model Talk

My dream of modeling died early. That doesn't mean I'm not still obsessed with it.

Don't renege on our love

We all deal with heartbreak differently.

This man is teaching me about patience

This man is ahead of me when it comes to expanding the mind.

Real Stories, Live

We put on an event that celebrates storytelling and community. Trust us, you want to attend.

Two hot girls making out

She's a lot more to me than just my first girl kiss.
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