On Canada's abortion position abroad, PEI exerts influence. But should it?

 I don’t think people can say enough about the minority Conservative government’s decision to end funding for abortions as part of their platform for maternal health.  There was a small protest recently by people opposed to legal abortions but you just don’t hear much in the way of the vicious pro-baby-anti-mother league that you do in the states.  And yet despite the obvious controversy abortion is in the states you have Hillary Clinton saying that abortion funding needs to be part of a global strategy for improving maternal health.  Unless I’m really mistaking the potential for fringe right-wing parties in the prairies where does Harper think he’s going to lose seats?


The only thing I can think of is that recycling and Road to Avonlea loving province of PEI and their 4 Liberal-held seats.  Never before in the history of Canada has PEI held such sway over foreign policy.   Personally I’d rather they were pushing for making abortions illegal in Canada before they moved onto poor women in Africa.  They don’t let local women have abortions on the island so why not fight against all legal abortions in Canada?


 But I don’t just want to pick on PEI because I do have fond memories of watching Road to Avonlea every Sunday night with my family and would also like to pick on the other 3 political parties who have the option of defeating the government over this and all the other instances where the Conservatives are willfully ignoring human rights.  For more examples google Bev Oda to find out where cuts are being made towards international development organizations or google “flotilla” and “Canada” to see Canada’s position on investigating the murder of people trying to help people in need. 


 The other political parties have the chance to stand up for gender rights around the world but are not taking this chance.  They have the chance to position their platforms around doing what’s right around the world.  Countless women are systematically raped in Congo due to various conflicts but we decided that we couldn’t lead a UN mission after we leave Afghanistan, best not to try in case things get even worse. 


 In protest I will no longer watch Road to Avonlea reruns and I will also not vote for any federal party that explicitly or tacitly props up the Conservative government on any issue.  On a more substantial level I’d say supporting abortion-rights groups and international development groups that have lost their funding would be pretty helpful as well.

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