Time for Libby Davies to consider jumping ship to become Canada's minister on status of women

Without even getting into any of the current allegations involving Helena Guergis, I can’t think of anyone who has better comported herself in a manner becoming of someone charged to promote equality for women.


Her sense of entitlement was more than justified at the Charlottetown airport and the public should know that former beauty queens are not a threat to national security. Besides, if anyone has seen Road to Avonlea you’ll know how much of a “hellhole” that place really is.



Since Guergis will most likely not be returning to head this department I suggest giving Rona Ambrose a break and looking towards an unlikely candidate. This might involve Libby switching parties but I’m pretty certain the constituents of Vancouver East will support her should she be promised the plum position of Minister of State, Status of Women.



Disclosure: I have never voted for Libby Davies nor have I ever voted for Helena Guergis nor Rona Ambrose.



I’m going to go out on a limb and suggest that the Minister of State, Status of Women should go to someone who has experience working to improve the status and lot of all women. This would include improving access to abortions.


Had Guergis referred to PEI as a “hellhole” because of its lack of access to abortions then maybe she was justified in this comment but I’m pretty sure it had something to do with it being her birthday or something.



So this is a plea to Stephen Harper to consider asking Libby Davies to cross the floor and join the Conservatives. Had Libby been the Minister of State when the Conservatives were drafting their plan for improving women’s health for the G8/G20 meetings she would have been able to tell them that access to contraceptives and safe abortions actually improves most women’s health.



Lastly in the name of equality of the sexes I’d like to point out that I do not approve of Veteran Affairs Minister Jean-Pierre Blackburn’s conduct at the Ottawa airport. One can only hope he did this in solidarity with his junior comrade, to show that men can also have tantrums at the airport.

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