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 Tattoos, dual pistols and leather tights. I make adventuring look good.

Justin: I made a thief, using a sword and dagger, but I can also switch to a pair of pistols during a fight. This means I can spin around my enemies like a maniac ballet dancer, and then deliver a volley of bullets to their face if they’re still standing.

Steve: I spent a lot of my time in the character creator. I loved playing around the with multitude of different races and classes, to give make my character look unique.  

My ranger is a Sylvari -- a race of plant people that are ‘born’ from the seeds of a gigantic tree. In the character creator, I could select cool-looking bark and twig patterns on my ‘skin’ and even the type of colour my character glowed in the dark - like some bio-luminescent mushroom.

I was also able to chose a story and pick story points for my character's background, which led me to be more invested in my character's story, as opposed to other games where it feels like my character is just another faceless drone warrior. It was also interesting to see the other players in the game world and how they designed their characters too.


Hairstyles... or leaf styles. The Sylvari race in Guild Wars 2’s character creator.

Playability: no more douchebag factor

Justin: So how did you find playing with other random people in the game? 

Steve: It's a relief to say that it was actually very enjoyable. It seems like co-operative play is encouraged by the game mechanics. If you see another player being attacked by 10 monsters at once, the game rewards you if you go over to help them. If you see a player that has been knocked out on the ground, the game rewards you for helping them to get up on their feet. You actually feel like a hero.

Justin: I completely agree. They've eliminated the douchebag factor that plagues most other MMOs. I don't have to worry about being jumped by other players seeking to be bullies. The sense of community in the game is really strong, and ArenaNet has designed it so that it's always more beneficial for the players to work together to complete quests, and of course it's a lot more fun.

Quirks and flaws

Steve: This sounds almost too good. I did find some flaws. Personally, I found the sheer amount of content to be daunting for the new player. There could be better documentation on how to play the game.

Justin: There is a wiki about this.

Steve: But I'm not the type of person who'd go hunt down a wiki outside of the game. I also didn't understand a lot of the game mechanics at the start. I didn’t know how to switch weapons, or how to equip items from my inventory. It was actually really easy to do, but it might be a hurdle for other entry level players who have never played this type of game before. What didn't exactly work for you?

Justin: There wasn't too much I didn't like about the game, but I do agree that there should be some better documentation. There were a few hiccups at the game launch, but none of them were game-breaking. I wish there was more information about the dungeons and other end game activities, but apart from that I really enjoyed my time with Guild Wars 2. 


Steve: All things considered I would give it an 8/10. It's clearly a well polished game that a lot of blood, sweat and tears went into it, and it does deserve any gamer's consideration.

Justin: Love it too. I'll give it 9/10 just because it has so much to offer both hardcore and casual players. It has enough content to last for months on end.

Needless to say, the game play is very addictive, the graphics are gorgeous and there's no subscription fee. It stands head and shoulders above all the other MMOs I've played so far, and may be the best game of this year. Now if you'll excuse me, I have some dragons to slay.


  • No subscription fee
  • Good playability
  • Gorgeous graphics


  • Daunting for new players

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