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Edible Halloween decorations

An article with a list of where to find the best edible Halloween decorations and toppers for your cupcakes, cakes and cookies in Vancouver. Also, a short review about trick or treating in Yaletown

Best cheap eats in Vancouver

Some of my favourite places to go for a cheap yet tasty meal in Vancouver.

Barbeque Etiquette 101 from celebrity chef Ted Reader

Put your favourite food to the grill, it's summer barbeque season, folks. And thanks to Enterprise Canada's Stephen Murdoch who forwarded VO celebrity chef Ted Reader's juicy BBQ dos and don'ts, we'...

HST and liquor laws make profit harder to achieve for Palki Restaurant

Palki Restaurant, located on Commercial Drive near Napier, is a newcomer to the Drive, and  manager  Sharath Vittal contacted the Vancouver Observer recently to discuss the impact of the...

A new black stout beer offers rich organic pleasures

The newest offering from BC-based NatureLand is made with organic malt that has been roasted until it is either black (heavily roasted) or "chocolate" (somewhat less roasted). The combination...

Cooking with Ocean Wise: prosciutto-wrapped prawns and the benefits of an ocean-friendly meal

We hear from Ocean Wise's Mike McDermid about why sustainable seafood just makes sense, and share Cory Parson's delicious recipe for sustainable prawns.

Tasting Painted Rock Wines with estate founder John Skinner

Once a Vancouver stockbroker, John Skinner found a second career as an Okanagan winemaker. We review some of his top products.

Holiday baking fun with Uprising Breads

It's just after 9 AM and the espresso machine is in full swing at Uprising Breads on Vancouver's East Side. The familiar tunes of Christmas echo in the backround while a steady stream of patrons flow...

FoodTree brings food back to its roots

Chef Anthony Nicalo's relationship to food changed during a trip to Italy. To teach Nicalo and his friend, another chef, about charcuterie and sausage making, their host Renato Fenocchio showed them...

Osaka brings Asian gourmet food to West Van

Osaka Market opened in West Vancouver this week, bringing a taste of Asian culture to what has been a predominantly white suburb of an ethnically diverse city. The 37,000 square-foot high-end...
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