Cedar Creek Estate Winery celebrates 25th Anniversary with release of new aromatic whites

As one of the first pioneering wineries in the Okanagan Valley, CedarCreek Estate Winery released its first wines in 1987. Twenty-five years and two "Winery of the Year" awards later, proprietor Gordon Fitzpatrick and winemaker Darryl Brooker celebrate with the release of their 2011 white wines at Salt Tasting Room.

Joining the CedarCreek Team in 2010, award-winning winemaker Brooker caused a bit of stir when he decided to implement style changes to the 2011 white aromatics from previous years. The result? Sure fire crowd pleasures.

The 2011 Vintage Reisling challenges the traditional notion that more sugar equals to more flavor. CedarCreek's reisling is a focus on preserving the natural flavor of the wine. At first taste, there is a confusion between sweetness or tartness. That confusion, as Brooker explains, is intentional because the taste changes as the wine matures. Over time, the sugars integrate and the flavors intensify. At a price point of $17.90, this wine contains citrusy flavors which pair beautifully with BC's fresh seafood.

CedarCreek is also proud to offer a new release of the Ehrenfelser, a grape grown by so few. With notes of stone fruits including peaches, pears and nectarines, this wine is essentially a bottled fruit salad. At $18.90, this intense, aromatic wine is the perfect accompaniment to usher in BC summer nights.

The 2011 Vintage Pinot Gris is CedarCreek's largest production of white wine. With 6,100 cases produced, the pinot gris, priced at $17.90, contains careful hints of peaches, and suited for pairing with fresh salads and savory tarts.

Unlike the other wines, the 2011 Gewürztraminer underwent what CedarCreek calls "hands-off wine making". Here is where 25 years of experience in wine making are exemplified. The intent behind the Gewürztraminer was to maintain the natural character and to preserve the delicate aromatics of the grapes without the addition of enzymes. With hints of orange blossom, and priced at $17.90, it is an wine that appeals to sommeliers and novice wine drinkers alike.

New for CedarCreek is the release of the 2011 Rosé made with 100% Pinot Noir. This wine is likened to a simpler and purer version of the traditional Pinot Noir. Undergoing a long and cool fermentation for complexity, it is summer in a glass. CedarCreek uses a dark bottle for this wine with the intention to maintain the beautiful rose color. With hints of strawberries, the suggested pairing for this rosé is angus beef or braised short ribs.

Of course, any of CedarCreek's 2011 Vintage wines will pair nicely with a classic charcuterie platter.

CedarCreek Estate plans to release their first sparkling for this year using traditional methods with chardonnay and pinot noir. While excited for this release, Brooker and Fitzpatrick has remained quiet on the unnamed wine for now.

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