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Galen Weston's hypocrisy: industrial food vs. farmer's market

Loblaws Chairman Galen Weston backpedaled in the aftermath of Tuesday's offhand comment that farmers' markets will one day "kill some people."  

Weston’s hypocrisy is obvious.
Aside from the occasional car tragedy, farmers markets are historically very safe. According to Jim Romahn, a journalist who has been reporting on agriculture since 1963, no deaths have ever been attributed to products purchased from  Canada’s 175 farmers' markets. One need only recall the 2008 Maple Leaf listeriosis outbreak to know that Loblaws can make no such claim.
I suppose a devil’s advocate could argue that the industrial food system provides vast amounts of food -- much more than farmers’ markets -- and so, while Loblaws products have killed folks, and farmers’ markets have not, it’s only a matter of time before farmers’ markets are supplying quantities of food large enough to guarantee a food contamination outbreak. I’m speculating here. It’s unlikely that Weston himself will give us any further insight into the source of his strange, maccabre comments.
Certainly Weston’s concerns about food safety are rooted firmly in the ideology of food industrialization and factory farming. After all, W. Galen Weston and family, with an estimated net worth of $US 7.1 billion, are arguably the nation’s leading food industrialists, and have been listed as the second wealthiest family in Canada. 

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