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Film Reel

Cirque du Soleil brings KOOZA to Vancouver

The Innocent, The Trickster, The King, The Heimloss, The Pickpocket, The Obnoxious Tourist and his Bad Dog all promise to entertain in Cirque du Soleil's spectacular new show, KOOZA.

Vic Sarin and A Shine of Rainbows

"I think what makes life rich is the experience of life. It's not the money, it's not the fame, it's the experience of life. And how you get those experiences is by doing different things all the time

5th Annual Women in Film Festival Comes to VanCity Theatre

 As proven by Kathryn Bigelow’s Academy Award for Best Director on March 7th, women thrive in front of and behind the camera. From Saturday, April 17 to Sunday, April 18, 2010, Women In Film...

Aleks Paunovic on Acting, Directing, and Creating the Life You Want

"There have been a lot of Vancouver actors landing fantastic roles on big name local projects. This city is flooded with amazingly talented actors," says Aleks Paunovic, star of The Hostage. "Battlest

A Glimpse into the Life of the Beautiful and Talented Sarah-Jane Redmond

"I don't remember ever making the decision to becoming an actress. It was just a thing that I was going to do," says an actress known for her role in Da Vinci's Inquest.

Max Embarrassing Kicks Off Reel 2 Real International Film Festival for Youth

Do you remember what it was like to be twelve, painfully shy, and in love for the first time? Throw in the most embarrassing mother in the world. Things couldn't get much worse. Or could they?

Living Canadian with Miho Suzuki

Life in Vancouver from a new perspective. The Vancouver Observer sits down with Miho Suzuki to talk about her time in Canada over the past three years.

The Imagination of Terry Gilliam

"God came to me at night and said 'do this or die.' When you've got a god that wants to watch movies and is bored with the shit that's being produced these days, He gets angry. He forced me to do it a

Up Close and Personal with the Extraordinary Mackenzie Gray

Last week I had the great pleasure of talking with one of Canada's most colorful and talented artists, Mackenzie Gray.   WD: So Mackenzie, can you tell us a little bit about yourself....

Paul Lazenby and Bringing the MMA to Vancouver

Canadian Mixed Martial Arts champion, undisputed Canadian Muay Thai champion, stuntman, actor, pro wrestler and broadcast journalist Paul Lazenby, gives the scoop on Mixed Martial Arts (MMA), and...
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