Cemetery Junction is the latest film by directors Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant.

It's a beautiful coming of age comedy set in 1973 in a small English town called Cemetery Junction.
A story of three friends, Freddie (Christian Cooke), Bruce (Tom Hughes), and Snork (Jack Doolan) who fight, drink, and chase girls until one day when Freddie decides to grab his ticket out of town in the form of a white collar job.

It's a familiar story of the struggle to crack the mold and break away to better one's life, and sure it's a little predictable, but Gervais (who also plays Freddies dad) hits the mark well enough to forget that and appreciate it for what it is: a lovely feel good piece of art and entertainment.

The soundtrack is awesome, the writing is fantastically clever (thanks to Gervais and Merchant), and the acting is right on the money. It's sentimental, amusing, and touching.

Cemetery Junction runs from Aug 20 – 25 at the Vancity Theatre on Seymour Street (at Davie)

Four hearts ♥♥♥♥