Kids line up for Despicable Me

Despicable Gru, Edith, Agnes, and Margo

Despicable Me opened at the Park and Tilford theatres this weekend to sell out crowds.

The theatre had its challenges that evening with a blackout that stretched for blocks. The power had gone down around 4pm and people were being turned away for the 7pm screenings.
The air was filled with the gloom of a room full of disappointed patrons, mostly children, as they mulled around outside wondering what to do.

“Do you think you'll get the power back in time for us to see Despicable Me?”, asked one of the kids waiting outside.

“I'm sorry honey. We're doing everything we can. When you see the neon lights come back on, you'll know we're back in business”, said the manager.

It was a tough place to be. Management was awesome and handled the situation with sympathy, calm and grace, but for the kids outside it was like the Grinch had struck again.

This time though, they were going to wait around a bit holding their breath because as we know from the movies miracles do happen so there was a good chance he'd have a change of heart and bring back Christmas, or in this case a despicable villain.

Then, with a half hour to go before the show was originally scheduled to start, it happened: someone somewhere grew a great big heart and the power came back on.
The theatre lights went on, the neon sign at the front flickered then lit a hundred little faces as they turned upwards and lit right back, brighter than the glowing pink sign.

The theatre quickly filled, a few raced back out to grab a bag of popcorn, and we settled in. The show started on time, was filled to capacity, and you could literally see the kids bouncing in their seats as the lights went down.

Despicable Me was worth all the fuss and the row of little girls in front of me was worth the price of admission: laughing when the characters did something cute, sighing when they experienced something sad, and cheering when things worked out. They were having such a good time, fully engrossed, and entirely uninhibited in the expression of their sympathies towards these characters.

I'd definitely recommend seeing Despicable Me, it's a lovely story with a lot of heart. And when you do go, take some kids with you. It's a wonderful film for the whole family.

For listings check out Park & Tilford theatres.

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