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CODEPINK cofounder to Canada: don't follow US electoral politics example

Photo courtesy of CODEPINK

Canadians should "beware" not to follow the US example in electoral politics, CODEPINK co-founder Medea Benjamin warned, as her group staged a series of protests at the 2012 Republican National Convention.

Notably, CODEPINK held a "die-in" to oppose the "shoot out" event by the National Rifle Association during the convention. The group said the shooting event was "disgusting" and "offensive" in light of recent gun tragedies including the theatre shooting in Aurora, Colorado. 

People at the event held up signs that read, "32 gun homicides per day in the US" and "2,793 kids died from gunfire in 2009", surrounded by bloodstained bodies and coffins.

Republicans pandering to gun lobby rather than public

"The NRA is thumbing its nose at the increasing public demand for gun control in light of the spake of recent mass killings," Benjamin said.
"And the Republicans, accepting this action as part of its convention, shows that it panders to the wishes of the gun lobby rather than the public sentiment.  

"The enormous amount of money is our political system is on full display at this convention, where lobbying for guns and war hold sway. 

"In the wake of the Supreme Court decision called Citizens United that allows unlimited money in politics, the US system is moving further and further from a one-person, one-vote democracy.

"Canada beware: don't follow in US footsteps when it comes to electoral politics!"

In addition to the gun shoot out protest, CODEPINK also disrupted speeches by Republican Gov. Scott Walker and Rick Santorum, arguing that money should not control politics.

Benjamin commented that many of the delegates were "sympathetic" to CODEPINK's message. 

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