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Punch Out Their Lights at the Boxing Day Madness!

What to expect on the 26th of December in retail stores everywhere. ABSOLUTE CHAOS!!!

"Children are given Christmas. Parents are given Boxing Day."

The biggest single sales day of the year acts like a full moon mutating and reshaping conservative civilized women of all ages into wild predatory animals that will do un-ladylike things to get their claws into the last remaining item.

Like moths to a flame every piece of wall space is lined with red and white banners singing “SALE!!! 75% OFF ONLY UNTIL THE 31st OF DECEMBER OR UNTIL STOCKS RUN OUT” or “Great bargains on designer underwear, never to be repeated prices” and so on until every stand, every shelf and every display cabinet has been stripped bare like the cookie jar.

A day designed to sap those Christmas dollars and expire those gift cards, Boxing Day is not for the faint hearted. So in all my wisdom I’ve come up with the 5 rules of Boxing Day Behavior to give you a fighting chance against the competition.

1. Go alone.

Do not bring babies or children or husbands for the ride. It is a messy affair with lots of aggressive buyers.You do not want your offspring to see just how low you’ll go to get that last pair of Jimmy Choos in size 8 and you cannot afford to waste time on nappy changes. Treat today as your own war zone, acting as a free agent gives you a better chance at survival.


2. Set limits.

This is a hard one to follow but MUST be obeyed. You do not want to end the day with a maxed out credit card or zero dollars in the bank. Trust me it is not worth the guilt. Its far better to say “ok, well I have $500.00 and in a sale I’ll be able to get a lot for that” than “how am I going to explain 10 sweaters with negative credit to John, and I don’t even like these sweaters but they were cheap.


3. Plan ahead.

Know exactly what you want from the Boxing Day Sales. Figure it out ahead of time. What didn’t you get for Christmas that you really could use? Write a list, research online where the best deal is on Christmas night, check out the store opening hours and even look at a store map of where you’ve got to go. In a sale time is of the essence so knowing exactly what you want and where it is will increase likelihood of availability.


4. Know the value.

In a crazy situation like Boxing Day a lot of confusion occurs, so be absolutely resolute that the amount you pay is the value advertised.
You’d be surprised how often a sales clerk will pull a shifty and charge you the full price so check you receipts immediately as the transaction is completed and compare. If you have a mobile use the calculator to do a percentage check (sale price X 100 / original price = % saved) then go back if it’s incorrect (but be aware of taxes in the value so you don’t look stupid).


5. Be courteous but strong.

Just because everybody is after the same things does not mean you have to lose your head. If you start to feel angry or stressed because you didn’t get one thing ask you self if it’s really worth the stress over? Ask the sales assistant if they’re storing stock out the back for the next day – sometimes to prolong demand and maximize revenue stores will divide their inventory up over the last week of the year, because there is a stronger likelihood that if you repetitively return to the store you’re going to buy more on successive occasions – it’s all about creating desire to make multiple sales – almost like a casino.


So there you go, follow these pointers and you’re going to have a better fisticuff when you’re dancing around the crowded racks and a better shot at scoring that final sales blow.


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