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Climate changes before I retire

This is no longer about the pollution and climate you’re leaving your children. This is about the choices we face today and the consequences for our planet’s liveability before I retire.

British Columbia set to export mega amounts of carbon dioxide. Is that a plan?

On BC's current trajectory, its climate legacy to the world will not be as a leader in a new, low-carbon society, but as one of the most entrenched exporters of globally destructive fossil-fuels.

What’s in a standard deviation?

We are causing changes to happen so quickly in the earth’s atmosphere that something that would have taken over 11,000 years has just happened in the last 100.

City of Vancouver takes leadership on coal: highlights of yesterday’s hearing

Three business representatives and three climate stability advocates faced off before the Vancouver City Council to comment on the motion that City staff “report back on a bylaw to prevent...

The all-you-can-eat-buffet of planet earth

We need to start living within our means and stop believing in the myth of human exceptionalism where we think we can decouple ourselves from the ecosystems within which we live.

Unfurling the nuclear mystery after Fukushima

How much longer can British Columbians expect to stave off nuclear radiation contamination from Japan?

Electricity: you don’t know what you’ve got 'til it’s gone

As the climate crisis nears, if cities haven’t diversified and decentralised the electricity grid, we could end up with serious disruptions to our lives and our livelihoods.

David Black and 'Kitimat Clean': funding secured for massive BC oil refinery

Kitimat oil refinery finds its funding. How clean can Kitimat Clean hope to be?

Cat killing birds? Put a bib on it

This cat's outfit prevents it from killing wild birds. But there are better ways: a must read for all cat lovers and owners who value wildlife.

Ancient Forests of Cortes Island #4: The Whaletown Commons

Artist and naturalist Oliver Kelhammer takes us into the proposed Whaletown Commons, where we discuss the potential use of 'Eminent Domain' in purchasing this land at fair value.
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