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Port of Metro Vancouver breaks promise to youth

Last February, the Port of Metro Vancouver promised Kids for Climate Action a forum for a full debate on the Surrey-Fraser coal terminal proposal. Did they deliver?

Who counts the emissions when you export them?

According to a report released last week by the Sightline Institute, the Pacific Northwest is poised to become a major global carbon export hub for coal, tar sands oil and natural gas.

We don’t need to care about the environment

You don't actually need to like trees to realise they provide vital services to help us survive.

BC Election: BC's most valuable resources on the line

This BC election will you vote to protect the environment?

Risks of resource extraction must be considered

As a Vancouver-based business owner and a proud member of the real estate sector, I want to make sure that any new resource extraction proposal doesn’t risk our thriving local economy.

If at first you don’t succeed, buy the opposition

Gina Rinehart is an Australian mining magnate and the richest woman in the world. She doesn't think the mining industry is treated well enough in the media, so she's buying them.

Lessons from Deepwater Horizon: how oil spills could impact BC tourism

In April 2010, the largest accidental marine oil spill in history occurred in the Gulf of Mexico, when the Deepwater Horizon oil rig exploded and approximately 4.9 billion barrels of oil poured into...

Divestment may protect from 40-60% overvaluation of fossil fuel stock

Kitsilano Pool underwater: a growing number of cities want to divest from their own destruction

Wild salmon, the real economy

On the eve of the provincial election, it’s a good time to review the election issues including salmon farming in BC. Is this industry good for the province, or is it a threat to the BC's coastal...

Mark Zuckerberg’s new political group spending big on ads supporting Keystone XL and oil drilling

Mark Zukerberg's new political group reveals concern for immigration reform and allegiance with big oil companies.
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