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Australian Climate Commission states the obvious: fossil fuels must remain in the ground

What kills more people in Australia – crocodiles or heatwaves? If you said death by heatwave, you’re correct.

Port Metro Vancouver’s two faces: independent decision maker that supports coal lobbyists

The Port of Metro Vancouver belongs to the Coal Association of Canada and, through the Gateway Council, to the Coal Alliance.

PlasticShore: Victoria's youthful ecoprenuers take on marine pollution

Ecopeneurs from PlasticShore display construction material that includes plastic collected from the west coast of Vancouver Island.

Bloomberg's plan to fortify NY against #climatechange storms

Mayor to sea levels: "You shall not pass."

In Canada, insurance companies becoming climate stability allies

The Institute for Catastrophic Loss Reduction, established by Canadian Insurance companies, assessed climate risks for the Insurance Bureau of Canada in a report titled Telling the Weather Story.

International Energy Agency warns pension funds about “unburnable carbon”

The IEA asked pension funds to look at the risk from overvalued fossil fuel stocks.

Preston Manning's advice on how to approach Conservatives about climate change

Jeffrey Simpson questions why the Harper government, which favours market solutions, has chosen to address climate change with regulations.

Dr. Katie Gibbs: Scientists call for evidence based decisions by governments

Dr. Katie Gibbs is the executive director of a new science advocacy group called "Evidence for Democracy" which advocates using science to develop public policy.

Vegetarianism and climate change

We can no longer keep asking people to do the right thing which doesn’t work anyway. We need to harness the power of market forces through carbon prices.

Adventure in the melting Arctic: Vancouver-based team to row the Northwest Passage

At the Tuesday race at Deep Cove, the team rowed about 11 km/hour. In the Arctic, they could average about 3 km/hour. They will row 24/7 through the endless days, probably in four hour shifts.
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