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Norway's awful gift to BC

Lesions in the hearts of British Columbia salmon? Thanks, Norway.

I am pro-snow (and anti-climate change)

I love skiing and I love snow. Which means I really don’t love that climate change is slowly melting the snow.

Why does logging trump tourism in the Discovery Islands and Desolation Sound?

Jack Springer of Campbell River Whale Watching has a primarily European clientele. “It’s very difficult to explain to them what is going on here,” he said.

Al Gore's Climate Leadership Training kept me riveted and inspired

The man knows how to tell a story.

Wild salmon advocate learns $75,000 lesson in court so you won’t have to

What does Don Staniford's $75,000 defamation fine mean for critics of big industry in BC?

Learning from Al Gore at the Climate Reality Project

Al Gore is a phenomenal public speaker and an amazing story teller. Was he trying to make us cry by showing the Hurricane Sandy video?

Arctic ice melt: the most profound example of climate change

Melting ice and rising sea levels are a tangible way to wrap your head around climate change.

Is the end nigh for the Aussie carbon tax?

Australia's new old Prime Minister announced the end of the carbon tax. What does this mean for carbon pricing?

Climate change altering jet stream, causing storms to "get stuck"

There’s something really interesting happening with the jet stream right now.

You can’t negotiate with physics

Bickering over whether we should be preparing for 3C or 4C of warming is like fighting over what size bucket to fight the fire with while the house burns down – it’s missing the point.
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