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Enbridge Northern Gateway pipeline: former ICBC CEO weighs projects' risks

"As soon as I see name-calling or denigration, I ask, ‘What are they trying to hide?’”

Pensions heading off climate cliff

Institutional investors representing trillions of dollars in assets are worried about the impact of climate change on their portfolios.

What would Enbridge pipeline hearings be like if we heard the truth?

As the public hearings on the Enbridge pipeline come to a close, ask yourself what they would look like if we heard the truth.

Heartwood: Forest Guardians of Cortes Island

Heartwood is a new documentary by Vancouver-based filmmaker Daniel J. Pierce about the growing forestry movement on Cortes Island.

Climate change bringing bacteria infections to Baltic

Warming sea surface temperatures in low-salinity oceans like the Baltic Sea is increasing cases of Vibrio bacteria infections.

BC Provincial Government meets with industry to form "world-leading" oil spill plan

The future of British Columbia's environment is on the table, with the British Columbia Provincial government and thirteen key stakeholder organizations, including representatives from the BC Oil and...

Federal policy, access to capital major barriers to Canadian clean energy industry: Pembina Institute

New Pembina Institute analysis includes detailed interviews with more than 20 leading clean energy entrepreneurs, corporate executives, investors and academics.

"Runaway catastrophic climate change" and the Enbridge Northern Gateway pipeline proposal

My name is Carrie Saxifrage. I am a reporter for the Vancouver Observer which has extensively covered the pipeline proposal on its news website and recently produced the book Extract, Volume 1,...

Hot Enough Yet? Warming in Western North America

How much and in what ways has the western part of North America warmed from climate change between 1950 and 2005?

Idle No More protest in UK to target Canadian tar sands

The Idle No More movement is going international: today, it staged a blockade of the busiest border crossing in North America. Tomorrow, it will pair up with activists and a prominent business to...
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