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Earth Day 2012: Rachel McAdams, Ryan Gosling, Jake Gyllenhaal, Matt Damon among greenest celebs

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If reading Barry Saxifrage's articles on The Vancouver Observer is enough to get you riled up about the deterioarating state of our planet Earth, do something about it. Like Ryan Gosling.

Here's a list of some of Earthy-friendliest celebrities, including an Earth song, who help keep the earth young and smelling fresh.

1. Ryan Gosling

Being trashy makes Ryan Gosling's veins pop from rage. Photo sourced from

Canadian hot boy Ryan Gosling recently teamed up with the non-profit organization to promote their recycling initiative, “Don’t be Trashy” and created something magical: "Hey girl" ads, just for you, to get you hot about recycling.

And, in his green Gucci suit from The Ides of March premiere, it's obvious he means serious business.

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2. Rachel McAdams

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What is there not to love about this talented Canadian eco-star? Known as a frequent bike rider around her hometown of Toronto, McAdams has also contributed to the world of green living by teaming up with close friends to create Green Is Sexy, a website full of tips that promote green living.

Screen cap taken from Green Is Sexy website

3. Jake Gyllenhaal

Photo sourced from Iwpkommunikacio on Flickr

This Love and Other Drugs and Brokeback Mountain star teamed up with Global Green USA in 2009 and launched the "National Green Schools" initiative within a Los Angeles school. Advocating for the need of modern, environmental-friendly schools, the initiative aimed at raising awareness of the benefits of green schools with healthy, high-performance green classrooms.

Gyllenhaal is also well-known within the green community for his tree planting contribution in Mozambique with his hefty 10,000 dollars worth of trees he planted personally. 

4. Daryl Hannah

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A long-time activist, Kill Bill star is reportedly one of the first celebrities to drive a car that runs on vegetable oil. Yes, biodiesel. In 2006, she got arrested for chaining herself to a Walnut tree "to protest the eviction of farmers from a piece of South Central Los Angeles land that had been established for city people to grow their own food," according to Kalev. More recently, she was arrested at a protest in front of the White House in August 2011. Girl, you brave. Check out her green blog dhlovelife.

5. Matt Damon

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The Bourne Legacy hunk was named "Greenest Celebrity" of the year in 2011 Heart of Green Awards. Some of his eco-friendly deeds include addressing global scarcity of clean water, especially in Africa. He's the co-founder of H2O Africa, a website which helps "widespread public awareness of the water crisis in Africa."

In 2009, the organization linked up with WaterPartners and created to help communities, like Haiti, create their own sustainable water supply systems.

The late "King of Pop" Michael Jackson asks, "What have we done to the world? in "Earth Song."

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