Advice from David Suzuki Foundation: avoid synthetic fragrances

Doesn't pass the sniff test. Synthetic fragrances in a photograph courtesy of David Suzuki Foundation

 If you want to live green, take this advice from David Suzuki Foundation and steer clear of synthetic fragrances

Ingredients of synthetic fragrances are of huge concern since many are made with formaldehyde (a known carcinogen), naphthalene (a suspected carcinogen), toluene (known to cause liver and kidney damage) and xylene (a neurotoxin). And to think air fresheners make up people's daily spritz and spray routine.

More disturbing is how synthetic fragrances work. Many mask an undesirable scent, but some use a nerve-deadening chemical that interferes with our sense of smell. Others coat your nasal passage with an oily film.

Many air fresheners can trigger asthma attacks and affect our central nervous system. Go scent-free.

Instead, rely on good ventilation, deodorize with baking soda, or choose an essential oil-based, non-aerosol, eco-friendly air freshener.

Best advice: avoid synthetic fragrances.

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