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Beware the foreign radicals: Comedians poke fun at tar sands, oil spills and Canada

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Life is hard for big oil. First the Keystone XL pipeline was rejected by President Obama, and now, Canadian oil advocates are being mercilessly mocked.

CBC Comedian Rick Mercer's new parody video mocks Ethical oil and the federal Conservative for its fear-mongering "foreign radical" rhetoric.

The above video is a classic sketch by Australian comedians John Clarke and Bryan Dawe, in a Charlie Rose-style interview with an oil executive explaining why the oil tanker's "front fell off" -- because a "wave hit it", while it was floating in the sea. It has to be seen to be believed.   

VO's very own Ethical Oil parody shows Prime Minister Stephen Harper gleefully promoting Albertan oil, surrounded by puppies and mini-rainbows. 

And who can forget the most outrageous video of all, by Taiwan's Next Media Animation, which shows Canada's PM giving the UN the finger and partying with oil executives? 

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