The City of Vancouver wants your help in building the greenest city in the world

In October 2009, Mayor Gregor Robertson announced ambitious plans to make Vancouver the greenest city in the world by the year 2020.

“[It] is not just about having a healthy environment that keeps us all alive, it’s about economy and the community. It’s about keeping things in balance,” he said. In doing so, he hopes to build the “vibrant, affordable, and sustainable” city that he promised Vancouverites at the launch of the project, ambitiously entitled “A Bright Green Future”.

Last week, the project kicked into high gear with the launch of Talk Green to Us, an interactive site harnessing the connective powers of social media to encourage citizens to share and discuss ideas that would propel Vancouver to its lofty goal by the year 2020.

To achieve this distinction, the Greenest City Action Team--punctuated by names like Harcourt, Boyd, and Suzuki--has set out ten long-term goals; amongst them, the complete elimination of fossil fuel dependence, unseating cars as the preferred mean of travel, and creating a zero-waste city.

It is in reaching these ten long-term goals that the City wants to hear from you. The Talk Green to Us page features a page linked to YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook where anyone can leave an idea to make Vancouver a greener city. The site is moderated, ideas go up, and can be voted on by other visitors to the site. So far, popular ideas include building complete cycling networks, bringing back downtown streetcars, and charging a fee for every plastic shopping bag in grocery stores.  

Citizens can even keep tabs on which ideas are chosen by the City to adopt by navigating the “accepted ideas” and “completed” toolbars. Already, four ideas have been adopted from the dozens of suggestions brainstormed by Vancouver citizens.

 “This is your city,“ the site urges, “make it better.”

You can do this by logging on to the new site and reading about the Greenest City Initiative and Green Goals. Most importantly, however, you can share your plans, vote for inspired ideas, and take ownership of the direction of our beautiful, green city.

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