Canada at Copenhagen Cheat Sheet

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FAQ: Copenhagen Conference 2009

The who, what, where, when, and whys of the Copenhagen Conference and Canada’s own goals for change.


Canada's Action on Climate Change

The Canadian Government’s plans and goals regarding climate change for the next fifty years.


Canada Pushing for Climate Deal: Prentice

Environment Minister Jim Prentice states that they are working on an agreement to present to the UN Summit


Canada to Announce Climate Change Cash for Poorer Nations

Prentice says Canada is set to announce three-year commitment to help climate financing for poorer nations, but no decisions have been made with regards to longer term commitments.


Indigenous Groups Push for Progress at Climate Summit

Aboriginal protesters protest the lack of progress regarding climate change.


Climate Change Costly for Inuit: Study

The dangers and effects of climate change: how the climate change is already affecting Canada’s people.


More in Earth Matters

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Learning the language of climate solutions

If someone had told me how hard learning another language was I wouldn't have tried.

Failure not an option for climate movement

Saying the climate movement is a failure and we should give up is not an option.
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