Dream Home

Vancouver home design addicts get dream PARA Décor Centre

This Saturday, October 30, Vancouver residents and home design enthusiasts will have an opportunity to see the new Sarah Richardson Designer Palette first hand at the Westcoast Décor Center. The...

Books as building material

The LYNNsteven Boutique in Gastown, opened early this year, challenges the definition of a well-rounded book collection.

People in grass houses

On my recent visit to Scandinavia, I observed several examples of homes with grass rooftops.

Still Not Over The Rainbow Chair

I would give up the pot of gold if I could keep the rainbow. That is, the Rainbow Chair.

Delicate Elephant

The Cross has distilled classic girlyness to a saccharine concentrate. When you walk in, you're hit with a profusion of feminine scents, pastel colours, and sparkling things. It makes me want to clasp

Eyeballs to the Wall

Wall art is a home design essential. It's one of the most potent ways to express your personality in decorating. One piece can speak volumes. One of those revolting cartoon-jazz-musician prints on a f

Cloudy with a Chance of Cosiness

Who knew cardboard could be soft and fluid, curvy? Molo design’s “soft” line are room dividers, lighting, seating, shelving, and sound insulation, sometimes all-in-one.

Happy Eating

Happy, carefree, and playful. If only we could all be like Blossom and Bill. Plus, I bet they could teach us a thing or two about organic wine, and how to make a delicious soup from locally grown gour

Glassware Showdown: iittala vs. Gran

What makes iittala stuff special is that it has never seemed inappropriate to current decorating, whatever “current” may have been over the last 80 years. Cut crystal, on the other hand, needs de-gran
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