When the dominator energy came to town: the real IOC

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They were encouraged to talk about the Olympics to help raise the city’s visibility internationally and they were encouraged to get on board to help promote the city. It was implied that there would be long-term benefits for the city. Ninety-eight percent of Vancouver businesses believed they would benefit economically when 250,000 people showed up. Very quickly, as the event began, small businesses complained that their streets were ghost towns. Very few people showed up outside the Olympic zones for shop owners to benefit from.   

To say that VANOC neglected to explain that this is what would happen is only part of the truth. As Maurice said, “It is not their responsibility to serve the community. The real culprits are mainstream news media. Mainstream news media, who also happen to be Olympic suppliers and partners, hold the responsibility to inform the public in a timely manner, but they failed to do so. VANOC could not perpetrate this deception without the support of newspapers like The Vancouver Sun or the Globe and Mail. VANOC does not want people to know they buy the allegiance of news media and instead would prefer to take the heat themselves.” Maurice’s blog explains this in more detail

In Maurice’s olyblog, in the “The Vancouver Sun finally becomes an "Official" Olympic Newspaper "Booster" article, Maurice states, “The Vancouver Sun newspaper announced on June 25, 2007 that they are placing their support squarely behind the IOC and VANOC, which means that Olympics organizations are now, or soon will be, one of The Sun's primary advertisers and sources of revenue.” 

There is Olympic copyright and trademark infringement on all things to do with the Olympics including the rings, the torches and the Inukshuk logo. No business or person is permitted to market any concepts, logos, symbols, or items of the Olympics without Olympic approval. Only favoured businesses in the Olympic family like MacDonald’s have permission to benefit economically from the event.  


                                                                                      Homemade Olympic torch  



The Olympic Torch

Photo by Duncan Rawlinson from Wikimedia Commons


VANOC threatened and bullied all the small Vancouver businesses with a test case in 2004. They threatened to shut the Olympia restaurant down because of the Olympic flame, torch and rings on its advertising sign. 

It is wonderful to report that the Olympia restaurant very successfully used social media to rally the community behind them and stopped VANOC cold from bullying them. It was a historic event never achieved in any other Olympic region in the world. Maurice Cardinal’s company, area46.com, managed the Olympia online campaign from the outset.  

Although VANOC did not carry through on its threats with the Olympia restaurant, businesses ended up being terrified of doing any Olympic marketing. This hampered their efforts to profit from the event.  

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