Social media and “the great turning”: no more middle man on a level playing field

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With social media tools, there is an opportunity for every (extra)ordinary person to come to the forefront of our human story-telling and world-creating. The middle man is cut out; no Daddy figures, hierarchical external authority figures, gurus, preachers or teachers can run the show, from the top down, in a true social media experience. Social media is people engaging together with other people. It is empowering people to tell the necessary stories that can create the new world which is so urgently needed now.


From the Wikipedia, which is itself a very successful example of social journalism, “With today’s technology the citizen journalist movement has found new life as the average person can capture news and distribute it globally…. As Yochai Benkler has noted, ‘the capacity to make meaning – to encode and decode humanly meaningful statements – and the capacity to communicate one’s meaning around the world, are held by, or readily available to, at least many hundreds of millions of users around the globe.’”


The locus of control is now back in the hands of all the (extra)ordinary people if we choose to awaken to this truth and act on it.


The Level Playing Field


If we are co-creating and collaborating as true equals in an experience of reciprocal “give and take”, with no one pulling the group energy to her/himself, then it can be said that we are existing on a level playing field. There can be no dominating, hierarchical energy if it is a true level playing field.


Right now in Vancouver there is a new and burning social issue that could be consciously used as an experiment to prove the power of social media. The Campbell government has steadfastly refused to respond to the critical need to build more social housing in Vancouver. As the same time, it has earmarked $450 million dollars to build a casino in downtown Vancouver. It is common knowledge that casinos promote social ills like addiction, poverty and illness which add to the already groaning burden of anguish and despair that is carried by the collective populace in today’s world.


(The reason why any government would choose to build a casino, which keeps people sick and addicted is certainly worth writing about.)


If some one is inspired to take up this challenge, we, the people, could stop this government plan in its tracks as we tell the government to re-allocate the $450 million to social housing. If people choose to aggregate together and spread the word with social media tools by creating a Facebook page, Twittering, videoing, blogging, and forming meetup groups on this issue, we, the people, can stop this horror…if we choose. The playing field has been levelled. We have the power now to do this kind of action…if we choose.


"We are the traditional journalism model turned upside down," explains Mary Lou Fulton, the publisher of the Northwest Voice in Bakersfield, California. "Instead of being the gatekeeper, telling people that what's important to them 'isn't news,' we're just opening up the gates and letting people come on in. We are a better community newspaper for having thousands of readers who serve as the eyes and ears for the Voice, rather than having everything filtered through the views of a small group of reporters and editors.


There are some who would be the gatekeepers, trying to block this revolution that is called “social media”, perhaps because of ego and a desire for fame and attention. Part of the confusion about social media right now is because we are living in two worlds simultaneously: the old paradigm hierarchical world of dominator and control energy and the new world where the locus of control is held deep inside everyone on a level playing field of equals. If the locus of control is held by people engaging as equals with all other people, it can no longer reside in hierarchical systems or organizations nor can middle men any longer mediate between ordinary people communicating with ordinary people. The current global dialogues that are unfolding everywhere through social media, across the whole diverse spectrum of humanity, are weaving together the collective shared wisdom of the “(extra)ordinary all of us”. This is how we are creating the new stories that we need to manifest the new world being birthed right here, right now on Mother Earth. This critical story-telling activity by the collective of humanity trumps “going green” as the way to create our new world.



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