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Social Media and “The Great Turning”: Affirmation of Full-Potential Life

Massachusetts Circle Dance in the Field

Through social media, ordinary people are interconnecting and working together to support, include, collaborate, and realize everyone’s full potential as interactive “information gatherers and sharers”. The focus in this worldwide activity seems to be on what is good, positive and life-affirming and that is what is growing on the planet as a result. Traditional media has always had a negative, authoritarian, violent, life-destroying, sexualized focus and that is part of the reason people are “turning away” from it.

The egoic arrogance of the left-brain logic of dominant traditional media asserts that there is an elite group who are the only ones capable of creating and distributing the news stories that create our world. We have a long history of people being censored for sharing their own perspective with others as is illustrated in this article, “CCU prof reportedly fired for criticizing capitalism”.

As a contrast, social media participants do not even bother to acknowledge, cater to, or pay homage to the authoritative Daddy figures who act as the judgmental gatekeepers of what is called “news” in the traditional media of the old paradigm.

The gatekeepers are irrelevant as social media participants go about their own new world business of gathering and exchanging the information that they care about, globally and collaboratively.  Social media participants cover stories from many different angles and perspectives.  They are reporting from the ground, acting as advocates and watch dogs over human rights.  They network and link together to create group consensus and collaborative truth-saying which is different from the arbitrary, one-dimensional, elitist “truth” of traditional media.

The 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics was described as an opportunity for social media to come to the forefront of our collective storytelling. In the give-and-take of a collaborative social media setting, the video, "The Vancouver Olympics, Social Media & the Future of Citizen Journalism", gives some of the history of social media and some of the experiences social media users had during the 2010 Vancouver Olympic Games.

Social media is not compromised by external authority figures, big money, advertising or employers dictating a particular moral stance or perspective. I believe social media stories are more genuine because they emerge from a person’s own inner authority, passion and ethical core. This results in a more heartfelt story that is emotionally connected yet still logical and professional. I believe information vetted by social media is more valid, accurate, and democratic in reflecting the authority of a multi-dimensional perspective. It affirms life and allows everyone, who is involved, to express her/his full potential capacity in the social media process of news creation.

This does not mean that false rumours do not travel through the social media world because they do as they do in traditional media. So it is still important for the ordinary person to look with a critical eye at the information streaming in to them from the world.

The poem, The Great Turning, by Christine Fry, talks about the urgent need for us as a society to turn toward each other and connect up as one collective of humanity:

                 “For hundreds of years we had turned away as life on earth grew more precarious

                     [and then]….on one of those days someone did turn

                     ….As the people turned, they began to spin, reweaving the web of life”


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