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Climate Snapshot


England's "expensive gas" saves money

The British, French and Germans tax their gasoline 80 cents more per litre than we do. Are they crazy?

The high cost of BC’s cheap gas

British gas costs $2.13 per liter. Yet British Columbians fork out twice as much to buy gas every year. What’s up with that?

Tar sands vs. entire nations

Which is larger: potential tar sands emissions or all the past emissions from China? From India? From 150 nations combined? New chart says...

Confused by the tar sands climate threat? Take a look.

Carbon bomb? This new graphic lets you decide.

Freezing to death in a warming climate: yellow-cedars in trouble

For decades a mysterious force has been decimating our iconic yellow-cedars. The culprit turns out to be global warming stealing their winter blankets.

Climate change brings extra half foot of rain to Vancouver

An extra half foot of rain is now falling on Vancouver as our climate changes rapidly. Lots more change is already “in the pipeline.”

Global warming means even more rain in January for Vancouver

January weather is changing in Vancouver. If you’ve been hoping that climate change would bring us lots more rain, you’re in luck.

Enbridge oilsands pipeline's economic damage could exceed $100 billion

Enbridge’s proposed BC pipeline would unleash billion of tonnes of CO2 into our destabilizing climate. Resulting economic damages from the climate pollution could be hundreds of billions of dollars.

All the oil pumped down Enbridge's North B.C. pipeline will be spilled

Every gallon of tar sands crude that Enbridge wants to pump down its proposed BC pipeline will be effectively spilled -- into the atmosphere.

Vancouver’s 100-mile carbon hot spots

The efforts of Vancouverites to cut climate pollution are being wiped out a hundred times over by a handful of local carbon rogues.
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