Climate Snapshot


Peak Oil solved, but climate will fry: BP report

BP's new report claims our "most likely" future is a climate disaster packed with lots more oil, coal and methane burning.

Part 2: Bark beetles threatening more than just lodgepole pines

Our dead lodgepole pines are just the first course…

Climate failure from Kyoto to Doha in one simple chart

Everything you need to know about 18 years of UN climate conferences in one chart.

Part 1: Bark beetle just getting started on a continent-wide rampage

A tiny gem of a book reveals how humans are handing over our forests to unstoppable hordes of "Insatiable Bark Beetles".

Startling animation reveals New York City's carbon footprint

Wait until you see a year's worth...

More oil sands in the pipeline than the future will want: IEA

Are the tar sands taking a long walk off a short pier?

Climate change powers "Frankenstorm" Sandy

Six ways we are creating record-smashing superstorms by injecting our weather with climate steroids.

Rapid collapse of USA coal holds warning for tar sands

Demand for US coal has suddenly plummeted leaving coal companies fighting to survive. Alberta's tar sands could be next.

BC's dirty climate secret

“We can fool ourselves, but we can’t fool the atmosphere.” — Sierra Club BC Science Advisor Dr. Colin Campbell.

We're losing the climate fight thanks to Harper's lax coal regulations

The Harper government's new coal pollution regulations leave Canada's economy unprepared for accelerating climate threats.
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