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Climate Snapshot


Climate change is wild card as tornado seasons smash records

Tornado seasons whip saw between extremes spawning three most destructive twisters in world history.

Is jet-setting compatible with a safe climate?

The industry's climate pollution is massive, unregulated and surging to dangerous levels. Solutions exist, but...

Do electric cars cause more or less climate pollution than gasoline cars? Take a look.

Compare the climate impact of electric and gasoline cars at a glance.

Keystone XL will "lock in" more climate pollution than Canada now emits in a decade

The biggest Keystone XL battleground is over "lock in". Big oil demands it. The IEA red flags it. Climate hawks vow to prevent it.

Alberta to cause three-quarters of Canada's climate failure

When it comes to fighting climate change, Alberta talks a good story but delivers only climate failure for Canada.

WTF? We just experienced 4,000 years of global warming in two decades

Fossil fuel pollution shatters 1,100 decades of climate calm.

New York Times urges "no" to Keystone XL. Joe Oliver and Globe & Mail respond with climate fiction.

The New York Times editorial board recently called on President Obama to say "no" to Keystone XL. Here are some excerpts: He should say no, and for one overriding reason: A president who has...

Keystone XL pipeline not needed: US State Dept. report

The new report makes it easier for Obama to say "no," by demolishing the main arguments in favour of the controversial oil sands pipeline.

Russian meteor explosion vs climate change

Which packs a bigger punch: a 40 tonne meteor or our invisible CO2 emissions?
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