Climate Snapshot


Tar Secret #5: CO2 per barrel of bitumen going up quickly

Environment Canada data reveals an industry dash to the most climate polluting method.

America delivers climate hope, again. US CO2 fell 3.8% last year

USA's continuing climate success is a growing threat to tar sands expansion plans.

Tar Secret #3: Alberta exempts 96% of climate pollution from carbon fees or climate action

Three charts show huge provincial and national climate failure that is resulting from such weak policies.

Tar Secrets Chart: Pssst, Mr Harper, don't let Obama see this ...

Tar sands current plans would create climate impact that rivals US coal.

BC coal report card: 2012 saw record climate failures

BC is failing spectacularly on the most critical climate task facing humanity.

Up to $500 billion in damages from Keystone XL oil

Will Obama lock the next generation into such a massive and accelerating debt?

US increases estimates for CO2 damage and data reveals hidden risks for oilsands and Canadian economy

Canada's economy and oilsands barrels are both increasing their climate damage despite CO2 cuts.

Climate change delivers U.S. another deadly, record-smashing tornado

The weird tornado weather just got even weirder (with amazing video).
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