Climate Snapshot


Stuck on climate broil: ratio of fossil fuels to renewables unchanged in twenty five years. Now what?

Climate battle being lost as renewable energy fails to dent fossil fuel dominance.

US State Dept expects massive climate failure from President Obama, America and world

Secretary Kerry says US is "committed to doing its part" to fight climate crisis, but his own department's report expects only failure.

Back to square one for Keystone XL decision as major error uncovered in State Dept report

Is approving Keystone XL compatible with America's climate goals? Amazingly the latest US State Dept report didn't bother to find out.

Tar Secret #6: Oilsands pay one dime per barrel for their climate pollution

BC charges its oil and gas industry thirty times more.

Unconventional oil and gas will fry climate: ExxonMobil report

Here's the "devastating" climate reality they left out...

Climate pollution: 140 nations vs Alberta's tar sands

Which one has the bigger climate impact…and for how long?

Collapsing share prices of US coal hold warning for BC and Alberta carbon bubbles

As carbon bubbles start to pop investors losing billions...

Philippines link devastating Super Typhoons to climate change; pleas for world to end the "madness"

"Anyone who continues to deny the reality that is climate change, I dare them pay a visit to the Philippines right now" -- Philippines climate negotiator

One simple chart explains climate failure from Kyoto to Warsaw

After 18 years of total failure to slow the climate crisis the world's nations head to pro-coal Poland for round 19…

Who is winning the race to low-carbon prosperity?

Big CO2 cuts are coming and some economies are totally unprepared.
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