We're losing the climate fight thanks to Harper's lax coal regulations

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By 2020, the cumulative increase in tar sands climate pollution since Mr. Harper took office is expected to be about one hundred times larger than the cumulative cuts from his coal regulations.


As my chart above shows, benefits from the new coal regulations––when they finally happen––will be totally obliterated by run-away tar sands pollution. As the years go on, this gap is expected to grow ever larger. The coal regulations are not nearly strong enough, even decades from now, to keep pace with projected tar sands pollution. Too little, too late.

Did I mention that the Harper Government has yet to place any limits on this climate pollution tsunami coming out of the tar sands? If the coal regulations are any guide, their plan to limit tar sands pollution will take another decade to kick in and its benefits will be tiny compared to the need.

At this point, we had better hope the climate scientists are wrong in their understanding of accelerating climate threats because our federal government is not preparing Canada for that scenario.

Instead our Prime Minister is presiding over a huge increase in the amount of fossil-carbon embedded in our economy. So far, his government's watered-down climate policies can't even meet his own watered-down climate goals.

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