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Council to Receive Budget Proposals for Tough Economic Times

Vancouver City Council will receive information Tuesday on proposed budget measures that will focus the City on its key services while keeping taxes very low. Although spending on services across...

Crews Clean Leaves, Press Alerted

City of Vancouver street crews were out clearing drains to relieve street and property flooding Thursday night and Friday morning as heavy rains and wind combined to float piles of leaves over drains...

City Budget Cuts on Council Agenda Tomorrow and Cadman Says: "It's Just Not Fair!"

When asked about the city budget and long-term plans, it can only be answered with this question: are we prepared to see services reduced? Councilor David Cadman takes time to exemplify and paint a pi

Council Approves $63,000 for Local 2010 Winter Games Celebration Activities

October 21, 2009 - Vancouver City Council has approved $63,125 for 17 local groups to host music, arts, school and community celebrations in support of the 2010 Winter Games. The Host a City...

Art Cycle Draw Scores of Eager Art Lovers

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Act of kindness from Dalai Lama Center ensures inclusion at Peace Summit

Community leaders in Vancouver’s Downtown South will be part of the Dalai Lama Center for Peace and Education’s Vancouver Peace Summit

City confirms support for Women’s Memorial March in February 2010

September 24, 2009: The City of Vancouver, the Vancouver Police Department, community and other partners want to confirm their support for the annual Women’s Memorial March and assure it will occur...
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